“There’s nothing like nature to bring you back to earth”

Beth Rosen

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Copyright © 2010 by Beth Rosen

A Prayer for Peace

It Only Takes a Moment

by Beth Rosen

Copyright  © 2001

In a world of chaos

Terror and hate

Where the past drives the present

No wonder fear is our fate

But if just for a moment

The world could let go

Of all of its hatred

There wouldn’t be any foe

If just for a moment

We didn’t judge, didn’t blame

We’d see that each person

Is one and the same

If just for a moment

What’s mine could be yours

There’d be no more boundaries

No famine, no wars

If just for a moment

We all held someone’s hand

No one would be lonely

United we’d stand

If just for a moment

We’d all sing one song

We’d realize together

Our voices are strong

If just for a moment

We all opened our heart

Love would bridge the distance

That pulled us apart

Isn’t it time

To forget out past, our pain

And live in this moment

So that peace can now reign

Photograph by Beth Rosen Copyright © 2011