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Beth Rosen spent over fifteen years studying with various world renowned enlightened masters in numerous areas of expertise including spirituality, healing, yoga, martial arts and business.  Her spiritual mentors include world renowned ascended master and healer from the Himalayas, Dr. Ajay Kotwal.

She graduated from Columbia Law School and the Wharton School of Business and worked as an international corporate insolvency and bank financing attorney at top New York City law firms, including Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLC, Shearman & Sterling, LLP and Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, LLP.  

She is a #1 best selling author, an attorney, a healer, professor of yoga, illustrator, comedy writer, screenwriter, director, actress, songwriter, graphic designer, web designer, film producer, cinematographer, film editor and special effects editor. She owns her own production company, Signature Beth Productions LLC, which is dedicated to bringing quality film to the big screen and television. She is currently in development on several television pilots and feature films. She is also a member of Osprey Point Advisors LLC, a capital sourcing and consulting company for start-ups, small and mid-cap firms in various industries, including real estate, entertainment, bio-tech, internet and cutting edge digital innovations.

She has written and illustrated various children’s books and books of wisdom. She recently co-authored a #1 best selling book with New York Times #1 Best Selling Author, Lisa Nichols.

Beth has also written, produced, acted in and edited her own short film, Photo Finish, with Mort Scharfman, an Emmy award winning writer. The film was nominated for Best of the Audience Award at the Hoboken International Film Festival, one of the ten biggest film festivals in the world. It was also an official selection at the Sunscreen Film Festival, the Big Apple Film Festival and the Garden State Film Festival.

She also co-produced a feature film, Scavenger Killers, which includes several Academy/Emmy/Golden Globe award winners/nominees and she has an acting role in the film as well. She was an associate producer of The Life Zone, a star-filled pro-life thriller movie that caused a media uproar, An Affirmative Act, an acclaimed pro-gay marriage star filled courtroom drama, and O.B.A.M. Nude, the first-ever satire film about Barak Obama.

She recently created, produced, directed and edited two reality television pilots, Cyber Angels, and Shore Shuttle. Beth is also the creator, writer, producer, director and star of two new comedic TV web series: Between Two Firs (a sexy holiday parody of Between Two Firs with Zach Galifianakis where the host interviews some hot to trot holiday characters who get a little hot under the collar when they discover the conversation is always sex sex sex) and Chasing Fairy Tail (a sexy comedy which pokes fun of fairy tale characters and happily every after). Both series were official selections to the Garden State Film Festival 2014 and Chasing Fairy Tail was an official selection to the Hoboken International Film Festival 2014.

Beth was Assistant Director of the Hoboken International Film Festival and she had her own inspirational radio show called Spotlight on Rhino on Air, by the arts for the arts, which highlights emerging new talent from around the globe while providing transformational tools to help you get up and running toward your dreams and on the road to success in the arts and entertainment industry. She blogs on her website, backdoortohollywood.com.

Her creative endeavors reflect an integration of the life enhancing philosophies of the East with the fast paced modalities of the West and a unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and touch the soul in profound ways.

“Most people cross the bridge when they come to it but the master builds the bridge so he can cross it.”
        Beth Rosen

Quotes of the Week

“The nuts and bolts of a creative masterpiece are usually found in someone with  a screw loose.”
-Beth Rosen

“The stronger you are, the softer you can be.”
-Beth Rosen

Beth Rosen is a co-author with “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author Lisa Nichols of a new #1 best selling transformational book called “Living Proof: Celebrating the gifts that came wrapped in sandpaper.”

Price = $17.95

plus tax, shipping & handling

“From the Spirit Within: a road map for the journey through the mountains and valleys of life,” is an illustrated collection of original inspirational and uplifting quotes from  Beth Rosen and endorsed by enlightened master Sri Yogi Hari. Click here to see  a video of sample quotes and illustrations from the book.

Hardcover Edition

Price = $12.00

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Photo Finish Movie Trailer
a short comedy by
Beth Rosen and Mort Scharfman

Photo Finish Movie

E-Book Edition

Price = $9.00

plus tax

Chasing Fairy Tail
Sexy Comedy Series
Created, Written and Directed by

Beth Rosen

Red Carpet, Little Prince, Happily Ever After, Bedtime Story & Blind Date

Between Two Firs
with Santa’s Helper, Candy Cane Jane,
Sexy Santa & Frosty
Holiday Parody of Between Two Ferns
Created, Written and Directed by

Beth Rosen

Between Two Firs Trailer
Created, Written and Directed by

Beth Rosen

Chasing Fairy Tail Trailer
Created, Written and Directed by

Beth Rosen

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