“The greatest cause of disease is separation from self. Next in line is separation from another.”

Beth Rosen

Healing and the Unitive State

In a calm and centered moment, you can feel the interconnected of all things and beings. Once you experience this unitive state, you will begin to see life from a whole new and exciting perspective. From this place, you can make conscious choices to live on purpose, your purpose, rather than simply going through the motions. This inevitably brings you more joy and peace.

As you begin to tap into your own creative potential, you effortlessly attract to you what you need and want most in life.  And as you begin to embrace life again, life embraces you. That is the essence of healing.

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Healing Packages

One Session  = $150
Five Sessions = $700
Ten Sessions = $1,250
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Specific Healing Techniques

Beth works on balancing all aspects of the human personality, including the physical, astral and causal bodies.

Her work includes clearing emotional, mental and intellectual blocks. Specific healing techniques include: body alignment, rejuvenating damaged tissues, organ restructuring, spine clearings, removal of cancerous tumors, spiritual surgery, balancing the human energy field through chelations, chakra healings, astral body healings, color healings and sound healings, balancing the yin yang, removal of fears and phobias and long distance meditative healings.

In addition to working with all forms of disease, she specializes in healing post-traumatic stress disorder, brain disfunction, addictions, depression and infertility. Her healings are done on a cellular level and can be performed either in person or long distance. She uses the energy of universal love, which can heal the worst of traumas and help to awaken dormant aspects of the individual, including one’s innate natural gifts. Beth also works with divine templates and the flower of life for healing disease.

Healing Education

Barbara Brennan School of Healing for three years

Ancient Art of Yogic Healing with world renowned master of Yoga, Sri Yogi Hari

Bliss Healing and Ascension Techniques with world renowned ascended master from the Himalayas, Dr. Ajay Kotwal (a.k.a. Samadhi Guru and Guru-maker)

Long Distance Meditative Healing with world renowned Daskalos trained healer, Ron Wilding

Tai Chi and Body Alignment with a world renowned Tai Chi master and healer

Certified in Essential Oil and Aroma Therapy Treatment with Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils and Young Living Essential Oils

Enlightened Warrior and Wizard Graduate with Peak Potentials and T. Harv Eker

Sacred Heart & Spoonbender Courses with James Twyman

Reiki I, II and III

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Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit