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Photo Finish is a short comedy about a frumpy middle-aged woman who gets caught on camera having an illicit affair with a young boy toy. She and her friend go to great lengths to steal the photo and negatives to prevent her husband from finding out. But alas, because of the theft, the incriminating photo lands on the front page of the morning newspaper in her husband’s hands setting the stage for one lively breakfast conversation.

Photo Finish

Lead Cast Members:

Faith Phrump:                        Peggy McGuinness
Peppe Montage:                    Danny Boushebel
Stephie Goodfriend: 
            Michele Meises
Harvey Phrump:                   Bobby Ballack
Gallery Manager:                   Beth Rosen
Press Photographer:
            Eileen Cowley
Young Patron of the Arts:      Tyler Ham Pong
Young Boy Toy:
                   Joseph Fields

A Short Film
Written by Beth Rosen and Mort Scharfman
Produced by Beth Rosen, Directed by Mort Scharfman

Copyright © 2009

Official Selection
Sunscreen Film Festival
Big Apple Film Festival
Garden State Film Festival
Hoboken Film Festival

Television & Web Pilots

Copyright © 2010 by Beth Rosen

Photo of Michele Meises, Peggy McGuinness,
Beth Rosen, Mort Scharfman

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