The world is changing. There are no barriers to entering Hollywood anymore.

Stop waiting for your lucky break and learn how to be in movies now! 

Discover step by step how to write, produce and star in your own movie and get it on the big screen from someone who’s done it already with Bonuses Worth Over $5,000.  The course is taught by film producer Beth Rosen (click here to learn more and/or register today).


Real Estate was the 80's. Stocks were the 90's. The Internet is now!  This is a 'Step-by-Step' system that removes the mystery, confusion frustrating guesswork and geek-speak from creating a money-making internet business from scratch, taught by internet marketing  gurus T. Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian and Andrew Lock.

Learn strategic internet marketing strategies directly from internet marketing gurus. (click here to find out more and/or register today)

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Learn how to be a divine weather channel in a unique enlightenment course with storm trooper Beth Rosen who teaches you (i) how to create blissful weather, (ii) how to diffuse hurricanes, rain storms and snow storms, (iii) how to stop tornados, (iv) how to prevent earthquakes and stabilize the earth, buildings and trees to protect against aftershocks, (iv) how to work with creating new ley lines for lost animals, and (v) how to lend your supportive energies to help out in karmic weather disasters around the globe.

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Learn to reset your money blueprint for a higher level of success at the 3 Day Millionaire Mind Intensive where they will teach you (i) The hidden cause of almost all financial problems (ii) How your childhood is affecting you financially today (ii) How to RESET your financial thermostat for automatic success and (iv) How to train your "mind" to work for you, instead of against you.

There are events scheduled in cities all across the US and Canada. Peak Potentials is even offering free General Seating registration!

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